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3 Differences for Rhinoplasty in Men Versus Women

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Overall, it may not surprise you to learn that men seeking rhinoplasty at my Chicago practice are looking for results similar to what women want. Everyone wants a nose that’s proportional to the rest of their facial features and blends in harmoniously.

It’s not quite that simple, though. The “ideal” male nose has some very specific differences compared to the aesthetic ideal of a woman’s nose. It’s critical that plastic surgeons understand these differences and are able to skillfully adapt their surgical techniques to address the various needs of male and female patients.

Here is a look at the features of the nose that need to be approached differently during rhinoplasty, depending on the patient’s gender:

  • The bridge – Noses with either a flat or slightly convex bridge (dorsal profile) are generally seen as more masculine. A narrower, slightly concave bridge is considered to look more feminine. One concern both men and women share is the appearance of a dorsal hump on the bridge, which is especially noticeable in profile views. Minimizing a hump while maintaining the feminine or masculine appearance of the bridge is an essential technique for plastic surgeons.
  • The tip – Men naturally have thicker nasal skin in this area, while a narrower, more defined tip generally looks more feminine. The thicker skin can sometimes complicate rhinoplasty for male patients.
  • Overall size – Generally speaking, a more prominent nose is considered a stronger, more desirable male facial feature — so long as it’s still in proportion to the rest of the face. Women tend to prefer more diminutive noses.
  • Length of nose—the ‘ideal’ length of a man’s nose is slightly longer than a women’s.  One of the hallmarks of a nose that’s been operated is it is too short.  It is always better to err on the side of leaving the nose a little long—to slightly shorten is an easy quick office procedure, but lengthening a nose that has been made too short, is quite difficult.

With these characteristics in mind, take a look at these photos of 2 of my past patients, one male, and one female. Both patients wanted to minimize slight humps on the bridge of their noses. The man’s bridge remains relatively broad, with a more prominent tip. The woman’s bridge is narrower, with a delicate, feminine tip.

Female rhinoplasty results from Dr. Thomas Mustoe in Chicago.See male rhinoplasty patient photos from Dr. Thomas Mustoe in Chicago.
Ultimately, the best rhinoplasty results create a nose that’s in harmony with the rest of a patient’s face and meets his or her goals. Both men and women typically have multiple questions about rhinoplasty that I address in the Rhinoplasty FAQ page that I encourage you to read.

If you’re looking in Chicago for a rhinoplasty specialist, you can contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call our office at (312) 788-2560 to schedule an appointment.

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