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Plastic Surgeon discusses rhinoplasty procedures in Chicago

Allergies & Rhinoplasty: Can They Mix?

A surprising number of the rhinoplasty patients I treat at my Chicago practice suffer from allergies and have questions about how that may affect the outcome of their surgeries. It's important that all patients considering rhinoplasty inform their surgeons about their allergies, because even sneezing can make a difference. On online forums such as RealSelf, …

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon Talks Innovations in Breast Augmentation

More Innovations Mean Breast Surgery Is Better Than Ever

As a plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist who's devoted much of my career to education, I appreciate the ongoing research that has resulted in beautiful advances in breast surgery procedure such as breast augmentation for my patients in the Chicago area. Take for example a recent innovation involving revision surgery. Breast Augmentation Revision With an Acellular Dermal Matrix …

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