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Under Review: Evaluating a Plastic Surgeon Online

Finding a plastic surgeon used to be based almost exclusively on referrals and word of mouth, but since the advent of the Internet, things have changed. In Chicago, patients looking for plastic surgeons can find volumes of results online, and that's how many new patients find me. With almost unlimited information, much of it unverified, …

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The Value of Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Plastic surgeons in Chicago and across the U.S. rely on patient feedback to hone their approaches. To assist in this process, an associate professor at Cornell University developed the FACE-Q, a tool for documenting patient-related outcomes following surgical and non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures. Similar to the BREAST-Q, a survey I examined in a blog post …

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Is Your Face Looking Older? Blame Your Neck

Many people who are concerned with visible signs of aging are surprised to learn that the right solution is a neck lift. In Chicago, I take a customized approach to creating a smooth, sleek neck contour that complements a patient's natural characteristics. Often, this effective procedure is the only step necessary in rejuvenating a person's …

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