Rene’s Breast Revision & Tummy Tuck

TLKM Plastic Surgery

After undergoing a successful breast augmentation Chicago in 2008, Rene desired a slight reduction in the size of her implants. Rene, a retiree who lives in Illinois, traveled out-of-state for her revision surgery. She believed the procedure would lead to increased self-confidence and more comfort with her body.

Unfortunately, the procedure left her with a deep, disfiguring scar over one of her breasts. Because the operation took place in another state, Rene was devastated to learn she had no legal recourse. “I was mortified,” she says. “I looked for local surgeons, and no one would help me.”

A Journey of Trust

Rene first heard Dr. Mustoe’s name during a conversation with a malpractice attorney, a man who was also a personal friend. “He told me Dr. Mustoe was the only plastic surgeon he’d trust with his wife,” Rene says. Without hesitating, Rene booked an appointment with Dr. Mustoe.

Rene’s initial impressions of Dr. Mustoe’s office reinforced her choice. Of his staff, Rene says, “Is there a bigger word than ‘amazing’?” Their organization, empathy, and loyalty to Dr. Mustoe was reassuring. “They all work together as a team, and there’s a passion – a pride – when they talk about him. He picked the right people,” Rene says.

Rene’s breast revision surgery was a success. She was so satisfied with the results that she knew she could trust Dr. Mustoe for other procedures. That’s why, in 2013, Rene scheduled a tummy tuck consultation with the Chicago surgeon.

Like many people who consider tummy tuck surgery, Rene was in generally good shape, but bothered by extra skin and fat around her middle. “I eat right, I’m not overweight,” says Rene, “but that area has always bothered me. I didn’t like how I looked in my clothes, and I didn’t want to live like that anymore.”

At 61, Rene was hesitant to go through with the procedure, concerned that it wasn’t age-appropriate. “I wondered, ‘Am I too old for a tummy tuck?’ I wasn’t trying to look like I did when I was 30, but I didn’t want to be dissatisfied anymore, either. So I was a little self-conscious going into the consultation.” Dr. Mustoe quickly allayed her fears. “There was no hesitation,” Rene says. “He knew he could help me, and I knew he could, too.”

“Bless His Hands”

“I’m 100% Greek, and we have an expression,” Rene says. “Bless his hands.” Today, Rene feels just as passionate about the work of Dr. Mustoe as his staff does. “Anybody who’s looking into plastic surgery would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Mustoe.”

Rene, who has an allergy to most prescription painkillers, had to rely on over-the-counter medications to get her through the first few days of her recovery. During this time, Dr. Mustoe was on vacation, but he had provided Rene with his personal cell phone number should she have any concerns. “I did have to call him once,” she says, “and he returned my call immediately. No answering service, no secretary. It was a direct line to him, and he was there.”

Fortunately, Rene says the discomfort after her abdominoplasty subsided quickly after the first day. “At my consultation, I remember asking him if it would hurt. He said, ‘Not if I do it.’ And he was right.”

At an appointment with her internist just 2 weeks after her tummy tuck, Rene says even her doctor was impressed by the results. “She has 3 kids herself, and she told me she was going to call Dr. Mustoe once she was ready.”

Today, Rene is delighted with her enhanced, age-appropriate figure. Though she doesn’t have any more plastic surgery procedures on her radar, she says she would jump at the chance to work with Dr. Mustoe again. “It was a piece of cake,” she says. “He is gifted. Truly gifted.”