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Dr. Mustoe discusses his unique approach to brow lift in his recent blog post

Brow Lift: My Approach

As a facial plastic surgeon in Chicago, I specialize in brow lift surgery for restoring a smooth forehead and appropriate elevation to the brows. If done well, a brow lift can take years off a person's appearance without any obvious signs of having had surgery. Of course, we've all seen the results of poor brow lifts, …

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Eyelid Surgery with Brow Lift discussed by Dr. Mustoe

Should You Combine Upper Blepharoplasty With a Brow Lift?

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed year in and year out. When any patient is considering considering upper eyelid surgery at my Chicago practice, almost invariably, the same question comes up: "Should I combine the procedure with a brow lift?" In some cases, I will recommend combining …

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Complete Rejuvenation: Your Guide to Facial Sculpting

Combining surgical procedures that each individually target a specific area of the face is an excellent way to achieve a comprehensive result and an "all-over" rejuvenated look. Because facial aging rarely occurs in just one area as the years pass, it usually makes sense to combine individual components into a single operation. Facelift with eyelid …

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