Surgery After Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight is a milestone achievement requiring commitment, whether it’s accomplished through bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes. You may not feel the personal transformation is complete, however, if excess skin hanging from your arms, legs, or midsection still makes you self-conscious. Dr. Thomas Mustoe and Dr. Sammy Sinno specialize in body contouring surgery after weight loss at their Chicago practice.

Plastic surgery after significant weight loss often helps patients maintain a healthy weight. Request a consultation online to meet with Dr. Mustoe or Dr. Sinno at their downtown Chicago office to ask about body contouring surgery. You can also call our office at (312) 788-2560 to schedule an appointment.

Post-Weight Loss Surgical Procedures

Learn more about the procedures Dr. Mustoe and Dr. Sinno offer to tone and contour your body after significant weight loss:

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