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Dr. Mustoe talks revision rhinoplasty procedures for his Chicago-based patients

What I Do Differently for Revision Rhinoplasty

I see many patients who are disappointed in the outcome of rhinoplasty procedures performed by other surgeons. In fact, about 30% of the rhinoplasty surgeries I perform at my Chicago practice are to revise undesirable results from previous surgeries. In some cases, I see patients who have undergone 3 or 4 rhinoplasty procedures. Revision rhinoplasty …

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Dr. Mustoe shares the variety of options for breast implants at his Chicago practice

How You Benefit From Various Breast Implant Options

Women considering breast augmentation surgery now have a remarkable range of options when it comes to breast implants. At my Chicago practice, I can customize the augmentation procedure thanks to the variety of implant shapes, profiles, and filler materials, in addition to different sizes. When a patient comes in for a breast augmentation consultation, there …

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