Plastic Nose Lifters, Clips, and Rhinoplasty Knockoffs

Plastic Nose Lifters, Clips, and Rhinoplasty Knockoffs

With every major development in plastic surgery, there follows a flood of products that promise the same results for less effort and money. The “nose job” is no exception. While rhinoplasty surgeries at our Chicago practice are more effective than ever, gimmicky products continue to crop up, claiming to shape slimmer, more lifted noses with plastic clips and hooks.

In this blog, we’ll examine a few of the most talked-about rhinoplasty alternatives and explain why nothing can compare to the long-term transformation of surgical rhinoplasty.

Nose Lifters

This product consists of multiple plastic hooks that are inserted into each nostril. The tool pushes up the tip of the nose and appears to lift it, changing what the nose looks like from a profile view. While this provides a short-term improvement, these hooks compromise the structure of the nose and put pressure on the cartilage framework, which could lead to long-term distortion and harm. In addition, the hooks are small enough that they may be accidentally inhaled and become lodged in the nasal cavity. The potential risk isn’t worth the temporary benefits these provide.

Nose Shaper Clips

These clips claim to be a nonsurgical solution for people seeking narrower, more defined noses. Each clip attaches to the bridge or tip of the nose and pinches it in an attempt to create a slimmer appearance. Many people have tried these and posted their reviews on YouTube, and the consensus is clear: they don’t even work in the moment, let alone long-term.

Dermal Fillers

The nonsurgical nose job is quickly gaining popularity and it’s easy to understand the appeal of achieving an ideal nose through injections alone. However, this approach comes with several drawbacks, which I explored in a recent blog post on the reality of nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Ultimately, this approach is temporary, upkeep can be expensive, and it does not address every aesthetic need. In addition, long term use of fillers can result in scarring underneath the skin that can leave subtle irregularities that can’t be corrected. Despite the initial allure, it cannot deliver the lasting, customizable transformation of surgical rhinoplasty.


During a surgical rhinoplasty, I narrow the nose by addressing all structures that contribute to width, including the bony upper third of the nose and the middle vault (upper lateral cartilages and tip cartilages). The nose can be narrowed without changing the profile at all. Lifting the nose can be done by shaving the distal end of the septum and removing some soft tissue. In many cases, that is a minor procedure and can be done in the office without visible sutures, minimal swelling, and only a day or 2 of downtime.

As a rhinoplasty specialist who has performed more than 2,000 nose procedures to date, I enjoy using my expertise to help each patient achieve their unique aesthetic goals. Even though surgical rhinoplasty requires a greater investment of time and money than nonsurgical options—and gimmicky products—the benefits are clear. Surgery can fully address each of your concerns to create a result that is ideal for you and will last for years, if not for a lifetime.

To see real patient examples of a rhinoplasty transformation, visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

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