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Many celebrities, including Jennifer Anniston, have said they've received nose jobs (rhinoplasty).

Why Have So Many Celebrities Had a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)?

If you have ever searched for photos of celebrities before and after plastic surgery, you have likely noticed just how many actors, musicians, and socialites have had a rhinoplasty or “nose job.” At our Chicago plastic surgery practice, rhinoplasty is consistently among the most popular and most-requested procedures for both men and women. It’s a transformative …

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Chicago woman wondering about deep plane facelift and SMAS, and which is right for her.

Deep-Plane Facelift vs. SMAS: Which Is Best?

The goal of facelift surgery is not to alter a patient's appearance but to help them look like a younger version of themselves with lasting results. But not all plastic surgeons in Chicago who specialize in facelift surgery use the same techniques to create those natural-looking results. The 2 most common techniques used now are …

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What to know before your rhinoplasty in Chicago.

6 Things to Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty

Before typing "best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago" into a search engine, it's helpful first to research the procedure and gather some essential information about what's involved with cosmetic nose surgery—often called a "nose job." In this blog post, we'll explain 6 things you should know before choosing a plastic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty. Have reasonable …

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Getting the definied jawline you want, how plastic surgery can help.

Getting the Defined Jawline You Want

An angular, well-defined jawline is universally associated with attractiveness for both women and men. It's no surprise, then, that procedures that sculpt a contoured jaw are increasingly popular in this age of selfies and Zoom meetings. There's never been a time when we've spent more time analyzing—perhaps overanalyzing—our facial features. While a facelift at our …

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The ultimate guide to rhinoplasty recovery.

The Ultimate Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide

Like any surgery, choosing to undergo rhinoplasty is no small decision. Chicago men and women who want to transform their faces often ask about rhinoplasty to create a smoother, narrower, or more refined nose. However, because it is an extensive procedure, rhinoplasty requires sizeable recovery time. There are many things you can expect on the …

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What Would I Look Like With a Nose Job?

What Would I Look Like With a Nose Job?

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with a nose job and even searched for ways to see what your “after” photo would look like, you’re not alone. With the rise of photo editing apps, more people than ever are exploring ways to see what they might look like after rhinoplasty. As board-certified plastic …

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Facelifts for men, what you need to know.

How Is Facelift Surgery Different for Men?

Men considering a facelift at our plastic surgery practice in Chicago often have understandable concerns about whether their results will look natural or noticeable in social settings. Facial rejuvenation procedures can be highly rewarding for men looking to appear as healthy and active as possible for as long as possible. The meticulous techniques we use …

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How to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

How to Choose the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty (or “nose job”) is no small decision. You want to trust your appearance and well-being to only the best rhinoplasty surgeon. Chicago men and women considering nose surgery have many highly qualified doctors to choose from, so thoroughly researching each one is an essential part of the …

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