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Why I Aim for Subtle Rhinoplasty Results

A common concern for rhinoplasty patients at my Chicago practice is that they will look like a different person following surgery. I reassure them that’s not the case when an experienced plastic surgeon uses advanced techniques.

The goal of rhinoplasty is to create facial harmony and balance, even when making significant changes to the nose. Rhinoplasty won’t change your eyes, cheeks, or lips. Instead, the outcome of most cases is subtle results that look natural to even close friends and family. Think of it like updating your hairstyle; unless you get a cut that’s radically different, most people simply note that it looks flattering.

Not all plastic surgeons have the experience or technical skills needed to provide these types of subtle results. As many as a third of the rhinoplasty procedures I perform are for patients who want to revise or correct the outcome of previous surgeries. Although these cases are typically more complicated, the cosmetic goal is still to enhance the attractiveness of the nose while maintaining its individual characteristics and natural appearance.

A plastic surgeon’s goal should never be to make you look drastically different. Rather, I focus on enhancing your natural features. Through my experience and training, I have honed an aesthetic sensibility that allows me to create results that are both impressive and subtle.

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