Reverse Facial Aging With a Neck Lift (Updated 2024)

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Patients concerned with visible signs of aging may instinctively look to rejuvenate their face with injectables or through facelift surgery. However, in most cases, they aren’t accounting for an equally crucial aspect of a youthful appearance: the neck. Learn more about how a neck lift can help with facial aging below.

What is the best neck lift technique for me?

During neck lift procedures, I create a discreet incision either under the chin (submental) or, more commonly, behind the ear. In some patients with good skin elasticity and some excess submental fat, a submental incision with liposuction and central tightening of the platysma muscle combined with undermining—a technique in which the skin is separated from the underlying structures so that the tissue can be reshaped—can yield a nice result.

However, for most patients with more advanced laxity and skin changes, the lateral approach gives a better result. In such cases, I use a deep-plane approach to improve the condition of the deeper tissues and muscles for a natural-looking result.

Neck Lift Before and After Pictures by Dr. Thomas Mustoe
Neck Lift Before and After Pictures by Dr. Thomas Mustoe
Neck Lift Before and After Pictures by Dr. Thomas Mustoe

Can you tighten loose neck skin without making it look unnatural?

One of the most important components of a neck lift is ensuring that the skin doesn’t look “pulled” or “worked on.” I remove excess skin that contributes to an aged appearance, and I make sure I redrape the remaining skin to accentuate a person’s natural neck and lower facial contours. To see the results of these procedures for yourself, take a look at our neck lift patients’ before-and-after photos.

Can you just have a neck lift, or can you combine it with other procedures?

I take a customized approach to creating a smooth, sleek neck contour that complements a patient’s natural characteristics. Often, this effective procedure is the only step necessary in rejuvenating a person’s overall appearance.

However, the procedure can be combined with a mid facelift, or the major focus can be on the neck. A preauricular (in front of the ear) incision that is well hidden at the edge of the anterior ear is necessary in some of these cases to ensure smooth redraping and a natural appearance. I always tailor the approach to the patient and their individual goals.

Sometimes, patients decide to undergo complementary procedures such as a cheek lift, a brow lift, or an extension of the neck lift known as a lower facelift for a more comprehensive result. You can learn more about the combination of procedures that can redefine your jawline and neck in this related blog post.

Neck Lift Before and After Pictures by Dr. Sammy Sinno
Neck Lift Before and After Pictures by Dr. Sammy Sinno
Neck Lift Before and After Pictures by Dr. Sammy Sinno

What is neck lift recovery like?

One of the most significant benefits of the advanced techniques I use is the enhanced recovery process. Patients typically get back to work within 10 days of surgery, and they can resume normal activities in 3 days, including exercising. Most people feel comfortable shopping or going to eat at a restaurant in 5 days or fewer. Over the course of a few months, their incisions will fade to faint, barely noticeable scars.

To learn about your facial rejuvenation options, including neck lifts and facelift surgery, and have a treatment plan tailored to your exact needs, request a consultation or call TLKM Plastic Surgery at (312) 788-2560.

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