Get the Distinct Jawline and Streamlined Neck You Want

Blonde woman's profile with a beautiful defined jawline.

An angular, contoured jawline is one of those facial features that’s considered universally attractive—for both women and men. Nonsurgical and surgical techniques can create such an appearance, either by enhancing the chin, slimming the neck, or producing a narrower, more heart- or V-shaped face. A neck lift at my Chicago practice is a common choice for patients.

Instagram and Snapchat filters can help sculpt the coveted jawline, but many people want aesthetic procedures to transform their appearance in real life. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different approaches and point out the advantages and limitations of each treatment option.

Nonsurgical Treatments

The nonsurgical method to strengthen the jawline when viewed in profile involves combining fillers with masseter reduction using BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. Masseter muscles are among those used to chew, and when they are overdeveloped, they can create a square-shaped jaw that’s less desirable. You can feel the masseter muscles when you clench your jaw, and they’re also the muscles used if you grind your teeth. BOTOX injections relax these muscles, creating a slimmer look.

Surgical Procedures

Because the jawline’s appearance is affected by the neck and chin, in addition to the jaw itself, the aesthetic surgery procedures that create a more defined jawline address these areas. Three distinct surgical procedures are ideal solutions for patients who want a contoured jawline. They include:

  • Neck and jowl liposuction—Excess neck fat can make the jawline look weak and create the appearance of a double chin. Submental (below the chin) liposuction is especially effective for younger patients whose skin retains most of its elasticity. In some cases, we can combine liposuction with a skin tightening treatment such as Vivace™, a microneedling treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to enhance the results. In other cases with modest skin laxity, laser-assisted liposuction that also tightens the skin (Precision Laser) by precisely controlled heating of the collagen fibers can be very useful for early jowls and neck laxity.
  • Chin implants—Plastic or synthetic implants inserted through either an incision in the mouth or a small incision under the chin can give chins a “stronger” appearance that men especially desire. Some patients who are unsure about getting implants may opt for filler injections because they’re a less permanent alternative.
  • Neck lift—Necks tend to show signs of aging earlier than other facial features, and women and men both commonly say they wish they could change their necks’ appearance. A neck lift, often combined with a mini facelift, may be the best solution for patients with jowls and saggy neck skin. Our gallery of before-and-after photos showing actual patients who underwent neck lift surgery demonstrate the types of results the procedure can produce.
  • Lower facelift—Patients with aging changes in the neck, jowls, mouth, and cheeks can benefit from a lower facelift. This is essentially an extension of the dissection done with a mini-lift. This is actually the most common surgical procedure for aging facial features that I perform, because most patients show signs of aging in the entire lower face. Although one area may be more involved, for a completely natural long-lasting result, this is often the best solution. Some patients are concerned that a facelift involves a lengthy recovery, or an overly tight or unnatural appearance, but in my hands a properly executed deep plane facelift never produces an operated-on look.

People who have had neck lift surgery give the procedure a 95% “worth it” rating on RealSelf because the results can be so transformational. Patients who want to look their best with a more sculpted jawline and are looking for a facelift surgeon in Chicago can contact us to request a complimentary consultation using the online form. Or you can call us at (312) 788-2560 to schedule an appointment.

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