May 2017 Newsletter

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My commitment to my patients and my desire to inform and educate has led me to begin creating email newsletters, which I will distribute quarterly. In these emails, you can expect to read my latest blog posts, learn detailed information about procedures and plastic surgery, and hear about new technology available in the field. I hope you enjoy this first distribution!

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Managing Allergies and Rhinoplasty

The spring season is approaching and many of my patients suffer from seasonal allergies. If you’re considering rhinoplasty surgery before the summer months come to us in Chicago and you tend to experience allergy symptoms, I encourage you to put some thought into managing both seasonal allergies and a healing nose. In this blog post, I’m sharing 3 important tips.

  • Talk to your doctor about your allergy conditions
  • Be prepared
  • Schedule accordingly

Read more about allergies and rhinoplasty recovery.

In addition to managing allergies after a rhinoplasty, I also have a blog post about preparing for rhinoplasty recovery.

Spring Procedures

I often receive questions regarding what procedures and treatments are best to undergo during the spring season. 2 procedures that tend to be popular in the months leading up to summer are:

1. Rhinoplasty – Many patients undergo rhinoplasty during these months to ensure optimal healing time in anticipation for summer.

2. Mini Facelift –  A mini facelift can be ideal for someone who is seeking minor corrections to skin looseness and wrinkles or as a touch-up if they’ve previously undergone a full surgery.

Interested in learning more about my approach to these procedures? Request an in-person consulttion with me.

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