Look Lighter With a Neck Lift

Look Lighter With a Neck Lift

Whether the result of aging or natural anatomical differences, skin and fat can accumulate around the neck and chin. This can create a great deal of visual weight, making even physically fit individuals appear heavier than they are. A heavy, thick, or undefined neck can also be resistant to diet and regular exercise, making the condition doubly frustrating. Many people turn to neck lift here in Chicago to help refine the appearance of the neck, but this powerful surgery also comes with an added benefit of reducing the visual weight of the area and creating a much more attractive profile.

By removing unwanted skin and fat from the neck, neck lift surgery can actually make the neck appear longer, restoring visual balance to the upper body and creating the illusion of overall weight loss. For many patients, a longer, slimmer neck is the key to unlocking a youthful appearance.

Neck lifts are seeing a slight rise in popularity thanks in part to “selfies.” Phones and tablets allow us to see ourselves from all angles, and unflattering positions are harder to ignore. A large number of my patients say they first considered surgery after they found themselves shying away from the camera or avoiding photos of themselves. As a surgeon, it’s an honor to help my patients enjoy their looks again.

Because the neck and the face are so intertwined, I often combine a facelift with a neck lift to achieve optimal results. In these cases, I use a postauricular incision to access the underlying muscles and tissues. Placed behind the ear, this incision allows me a good amount of control during surgery while also minimizing visible scarring.

The deep-plane technique I use during a facelift moves the skin and underlying tissue as a single unit, reducing trauma to surrounding areas. My patients who undergo this type of surgery enjoy recuperative periods that are shorter and more comfortable than those of other facial rejuvenation techniques. In most cases, patients can expect to comfortably return to work and social engagements after about 10 days.

In addition to excising unwanted skin and tightening the remainder, I use selective liposuction to target small bulges throughout the face and neck. Using a very small cannula that’s appropriate for the face, I improve the contours and smoothness of this area to polish and perfect the results.

Whether performed with or without an accompanying facelift, neck lift surgery certainly has its fans. On the plastic surgery resource RealSelf.com, neck lift surgery boasts a 94% “worth it” rating, meaning 94% of patients are happy that they underwent the procedure.

If you’re frustrated by a stubborn lack of definition in your own neck or jawline, a neck lift or facelift may be right for you, too. View our gallery of before-and-after photos to see your potential with these procedures.

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