More Innovations Mean Breast Surgery Is Better Than Ever

Chicago Plastic Surgeon Talks Innovations in Breast Augmentation

As a plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist who’s devoted much of my career to education, I appreciate the ongoing research that has resulted in beautiful advances in breast surgery procedure such as breast augmentation for my patients in the Chicago area. Take for example a recent innovation involving revision surgery.

Breast Augmentation Revision With an Acellular Dermal Matrix

I often see patients who need revision breast surgery to correct complications that occurred after surgery performed elsewhere. That’s why I’m interested to see promising advances in the use of acellular dermal matrices to buttress repairs. An acellular dermal matrix is made from skin from which cells are removed, leaving only a framework of collagen behind. When used during breast surgery, it provides a lattice of tissue in which the patient’s own cells can grow, reinforcing soft tissue and the reconstructed implant pocket.

It’s a concept that’s been used for several years in breast reconstruction surgery and has been the subject of studies, including one that appeared in a recent issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, for which I once served as a member of the editorial board. The study adds to the published data showing the effectiveness of using these devices in breast implant revision surgery, which may involve implant exchange, modifying the implant capsule, or a breast lift. (See actual before & after photos of some of my actual revision breast surgery patients in my online photo gallery.)

Other Breast Surgery Innovations

Using an acellular dermal matrix in breast revision surgery, as well as breast reconstruction, illustrates the ongoing advances being made as surgeons and patients alike expect results that appear and feel natural and aesthetically pleasing. Some other recent innovations, many of which involve breast implants, include:

  • Anatomically shaped implants that resemble the breasts’ natural slope
  • Highly cohesive silicone gel implants that retain their shape even in the unlikely event of a rupture
  • Increased options for implant profile, enhancing the levels of customization possible in breast augmentation surgery
  • Microsurgical techniques used in breast reconstruction procedures

The value of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery research yields innovations that often translate into practical changes that benefit patients. This is one of the reasons I find my chosen profession so rewarding. For more information about advances in breast surgery, I encourage you to contact us using our online form or call the practice at (312) 788-2560.

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