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Breast Augmentation Recovery: 7 Tips You Need to Know

Although my patients are always excited to see the results of their breast augmentation in Chicago, they almost always have some concerns about the recovery period. Whether they're busy professionals, active mothers, or devoted athletes, worries over things such as mobility and discomfort are common and natural. In this blog post, I'm hoping to put …

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Fat Transfer Part 3: Your FAQs Answered

As you may have read in some of my previous blog posts and newsletters, fat transfer is becoming a more popular method of enhancing both the body and the face. This treatment is best used to fill lost volume in areas such as the eyes and lips of the face, or volumizing the breasts in …

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Fat Transfer Part 2: Enhancing the Body

Many patients interested in breast augmentation aren't interested in significantly increasing their breast size, but would like to improve the shape of their breasts. As a plastic surgeon in Chicago, patients often ask how they can create more volume in their breasts without implants. Luckily, there is a solution that offers long-lasting, effective results without …

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Your Rhinoplasty Preparation Timeline

Getting a "nose job" is something many of the rhinoplasty patients at my Chicago practice have thought about for years, starting when they were teenagers. If you count yourself among those considering rhinoplasty or you have just made the decision to get surgery, this blog post can serve as a guide to get you on …

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3 Keys To a Successful Facelift

In my nearly 30 years as a board-certified plastic surgeon, the evolution of facelift techniques has been remarkable. Research and innovation have led to modern, sophisticated surgical methods that produce facelift results that are better than ever. At my Chicago practice, I use these techniques, coupled with my own experience, to reduce signs of aging …

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No Scar After Surgery?

Although we know more today than ever before about the science of wound healing, the scar-less surgical procedure has yet to arrive. So while I can't promise to make the evidence of your tummy tuck or breast reduction invisible, I can promise that when you come to me for surgery in Chicago, your scars will …

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3 Laser Treatments for Younger-Looking Skin

It’s now easier than ever to improve the way your skin looks and feels without plastic surgery or lengthy recovery times, right here in Chicago. Achieve radiant, glowing skin with the latest laser treatments. Our state-of-the-art system offers fast sessions with excellent results. Light-based technology knocks out undesirable brown spots, facial veins, wrinkles, and sun …

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Ask the Surgeon: 5 Rhinoplasty Questions Answered

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed year after year is rhinoplasty. In Chicago, I consult with hundreds of patients each year who are interested in reshaping their noses. Many of the men and women who want a "nose job" require only slight alterations to get the results they desire. Because the procedure …

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3 Tips for Connecting With Plastic Surgery Patients Online

In the 25 years I've practiced plastic surgery in Chicago, one of the most significant changes I've seen is how much research patients do before stepping foot in a consultation. Not only do they learn a lot about the procedures they are considering, but also about plastic surgeons themselves. Many of my patients come to …

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