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TLKM Plastic Surgery

Throughout several decades of experience at my plastic surgery practice in Chicago, I’ve witnessed the development of new techniques, the spawning of dozens of trends, and the introductions of exciting products. As a prospective patient, all of these innovations may be both exciting and overwhelming. You’ve probably spent many hours researching your cosmetic options, and it’s normal to have questions. The purpose of my new blog is to help answer those questions, with information that is accurate and up-to-date.

On my blog, I’ll be covering popular topics in the world of plastic surgery, explaining cutting-edge techniques and addressing common misconceptions. I believe patients not only have a right to be fully informed, they have a responsibility to educate themselves.

It’s my sincere hope that the information I provide on my blog will become a trusted source of information for anyone considering plastic surgery—from a complex breast reconstruction to a straightforward BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment.

I know you have plenty of options when researching plastic surgeons in Chicago, and your choice is not one to be made lightly. Your health is a precious gift, and I hope that the material you find on my blog helps you to confidently make an informed decision.

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