4 Ways I Customize Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe shares how he customizes breast augmentation procedures in Chicago.

Making the decision to undergo a breast augmentation is deeply personal, and your results should be equally personal and unique. At my practice in Chicago, I use advanced surgical techniques and breast implant options that make it is easier than ever to ensure each patient’s results are customized to her needs. There are a few ways I work to ensure my patients’ results are the right fit for their bodies and their lifestyles. Here’s how it’s done.

1.     Building a Relationship

Fostering a comfortable and trusting relationship with each of my patients is one of my highest priorities as a surgeon. During a patient’s first consultation, I get to know more about her as an individual before we even begin talking about breast augmentation. Once I understand her lifestyle, we spend time discussing her motivations for breast augmentation, the results she desires, and the options I offer for the procedure. I make it a priority to ensure each patient is comfortable, happy, and educated about each aspect of the procedure before moving forward.

This is also the time for the patient to get to know me. I am happy to answer questions about my training, credentials, and experience. I want my patients to feel comfortable sharing this important step in their lives with me, so it’s only natural to take some time to get to know each other. I believe the best results come from a strong rapport and trust that goes 2 ways.

2.     Planning Ahead

Once it’s clear that a patient wants to proceed, the planning begins. I use VECTRA® 3-D imaging, sizing implants, and before-and-after photos during a consultation to provide a visual idea of the results a patient can expect. We talk about each of the different surgical options available today, such as incision and placement options, and make decisions step by step, prioritizing a patient’s goals and a natural-looking result. I always have at least 2 consultations before a procedure to make sure the patient has the chance to think about her options and feel confident before committing to any choices.

We also talk a lot about the future. For instance, if a patient is interested in having children after her breast augmentation, I always explain how the results may be affected and address the options that can optimize the chance of breastfeeding. We talk about what weight gain or loss may do to the results, and we discuss how long breast implants last. Planning for both the short and long term helps my patients get a satisfying outcome that fulfills their expectations and lasts many years.

3.     Choosing the Best Implant Options

My breast augmentation patients have access to a variety of breast implant options for size, shape, filler material, profile, and texture. Together, we discuss these options and determine which choices are best for their unique anatomy, lifestyle, and the results they’d like to have. I offer my recommendations for each of those options based on my experience, but it ultimately depends on the patient’s own preferences, and we make the choice of breast implant together.

In the breast augmentation before-and-after pictures below, you can see that the women featured have different body types and therefore very different results, which are both natural-looking. I customized the selection of breast implants and my surgical techniques to each of these patients.

See before-and-after pictures of breast augmentation patients in Chicago.

4.     Combining Procedures

Another way I customize results is to sometimes include complementary procedures with the augmentation. Results may sometimes be made even more attractive when paired with another procedure, such as a breast lift. This procedure lifts breast tissue that has begun to sag, called ptosis, to a higher position on the woman’s body, creating a perkier silhouette. When combined with breast implants, lost volume can also be restored, giving a result that is both augmented and more youthful.

Body contouring procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck may also be included to create a smooth, contoured silhouette that complements a woman’s frame and the results of her augmentation. This is an excellent way to tackle multiple cosmetic concerns at once and provide results that are truly transformative and one-of-a-kind.

One of the highlights of my role as a surgeon is getting to see the happiness and confidence that so many patients feel after their breast augmentation. This satisfaction is made possible by the individualized approach I take to my patients and knowing that I’ve given them the opportunity to make a well-informed decision for themselves about each aspect of their procedure. If you’re interested in learning more about preparing for breast augmentation, visit my previous blog post here. Or, read more on the subject in the breast augmentation category.

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