More Natural-Looking Breast Implants Are Trending

More Natural-Looking Breast Implants Are Trending

Across the world of aesthetics, it’s clear that the “natural look” is coming back. Full eyebrows, freckles, and healthy, balanced bodies are in, thanks in part to celebrity influences and the natural ebb and flow of popular culture. This trend is especially apparent in my breast augmentation patients here in Chicago. I now hear more frequent requests for breasts that are only moderately augmented, with more emphasis on an attractive shape and perkiness.

In this article, published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, doctors reveal that requests for C- and B-cup breasts are on the rise, while fewer patients want breasts that are DD or larger. For these patients, it’s all about subtle changes rather than huge transformations.

Throughout my career, I’ve performed more than 3,000 unique breast enhancement surgeries, and I’ve learned a lot about the nuanced aesthetics of the breasts. In addition to simply wanting smaller breasts for aesthetic reasons, women also cite healthy, active living as a major motivator for choosing more discreet implants.

Although breast augmentation and breast reduction are 2 very distinct surgical procedures with seemingly opposite outcomes, these 2 patient populations share many of the same concerns, especially when it comes to their lifestyles after surgery.

Breast reduction patients often say they want smaller breasts so they can more comfortably engage in physical activities, from swimming and running to hiking and more. Many women with large breasts often shy away from activities when their shape makes it difficult to find appropriate clothing or if their large breasts make participation uncomfortable or even painful.

On the other hand, breast augmentation patients are used to participating  unencumbered in many activities, so they are often concerned if breast augmentation will impact their favorite activities.

The good news is that there is a balance for both sets of patients. It’s about finding the “sweet spot” of voluptuous, well-proportioned breasts that are tailored to each patient’s unique measurements and contours.

Of course, the ultra-natural, discreet look isn’t for everyone. Above all, every woman is different when it comes to her desired results. While there is certainly a trend toward smaller breasts, it’s by no means an absolute. I still see many women in my office who want larger implants and a more pronounced hourglass figure.

In my gallery of before-and-after photos, you can view a wide variety of cases. Each woman’s body is different, and the “after” photos are just as diverse as the “before.” You can visualize how I helped bring each woman’s goals to life. Variations in shape, position, and projection can be as easily appreciated as variations in size.

It’s my pleasure to work closely with all of my patients to help them realize the results they’ve spent so much time visualizing. To get started with my practice, please contact us today.

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