A Look Inside the Consultation Process

TLKM Plastic Surgery

A Look inside the Consultation ProcessAmong the plastic surgeons in Chicago, I’m proud to be one who spends a lot of time on the consultation process. This period is a crucial time for me to learn about my patients and for them to learn about me and what they can expect.

A patient’s first visit to my office in downtown Chicago includes filling out paperwork and planning logistics of procedures, but it is more importantly a chance for the patient to meet with members of my team. Before meeting with me, a patient first gets to know my receptionist and a nurse, medical assistant, or aesthetician who will ask questions about the cosmetic concerns at issue. I rely on my team’s knowledge and judgment, so it’s important they connect with my patients. These critical staff members are with patients through each step of the enhancement process, and the bonds formed during these first meetings often extend far beyond the time of treatment.

Then I meet with each and every person who comes to my practice for a procedure, surgical or non-surgical. After a physical exam, I begin to ask questions and invite patients to ask questions of me. My background in education has influenced me to want to share as much knowledge as possible with those who trust me for cosmetic services. Patients feel more comfortable when they know more, and the consultation is the perfect time for this sharing of information.

I encourage patients to do some research online about their desired procedures before they come to my office and to keep in mind a list of questions they have for me, so our time together can be most productive. I am always glad to answer any follow-up questions that may arise after our first meeting over the phone, via email, or at an additional consultation. I find many patients don’t request a second consultation, though, because I spend as much time as necessary from the start to address every concern.   However, I always like to have a preoperative visit to go over logistics, give out prescriptions, review the details of the procedure, and answer additional questions that often come up prior to surgery. For my out of town patients, this preoperative visit can be done over the phone.  I do think it is extremely important that every patient feel comfortable and informed before the day of surgery.

To learn more about what you can expect during a consultation at my office, please visit my website.

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