Complete Rejuvenation: Your Guide to Facial Sculpting

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Combining surgical procedures that each individually target a specific area of the face is an excellent way to achieve a comprehensive result and an “all-over” rejuvenated look. Because facial aging rarely occurs in just one area as the years pass, it usually makes sense to combine individual components into a single operation. Facelift with eyelid surgery is a popular combo, sometimes with a brow lift. I may even recommend rhinoplasty to my Chicago patients to improve the appearance of the nose’s tip, which often droops with age.

I can easily combine treatments in the following areas:

  • The lower face and neck: The muscles and tissues of the face and neck are intricately connected, so it makes sense that if someone is considering a neck lift to rejuvenate that area, he or she may also be a good candidate for a facelift. Facelift surgery is designed to elevate and restore volume to the mid to lower face (namely the jawline and cheeks), while a neck lift helps patients concerned about loose or sagging skin and neck “bands” or wrinkles that develop with time.
  • The upper face: Along with neck and face lifting, patients can get surgeries for the upper part of the face. Upper or lower eyelid surgery is an excellent approach for patients who desire a more youthful, alert appearance, and a brow lift can alleviate sagging in that area. Adding these components to a lower face procedure is relatively simple and does not increase recovery time.
  • The nose: Rhinoplasty is popular on its own, but it can also be added into an overall facial rejuvenation to impressive effect. The nose ages along with the rest of the face, and this can cause the nose tip to droop. A subtle correction, combined with other facial plastic surgery, can produce natural-looking results that are in overall harmony.

The benefits of combining surgical procedures include having a comprehensive rejuvenation without the inconvenience of scheduling separate operations or going through more than one recovery period. But it’s important that you select a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing multiple procedures in a single operation. This will ensure both your safety and your cosmetic results.

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