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Teenage Rhinoplasty in Chicago

At What Age Should Your Teenager Have a Rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgery for teenagers can be a sensitive topic, but rhinoplasty is actually quite appropriate for adolescent patients if performed at the right time and in the right way. The nose is one of the earliest facial structures to develop and greatly influences the appearance of the entire face. For many people, the nose they …

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Adjusting to the “New You” Following Plastic Surgery

Adjusting to the “New You” Following Plastic Surgery

Self-image is the perception of how we believe we look to others, and it's important to our well-being to have a positive self-image. Aesthetic plastic surgery changes something about a person's appearance that, for one reason or another, they believe detracts from her or his overall attractiveness, thus affects their self-image. The vast majority of …

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How to Choose the Right Surgeon for Your Rhinoplasty

If you’re considering rhinoplasty and are just beginning to look for a plastic surgery practice in the Chicago area, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices. Ideally, you have a close friend or family member who's already had successful rhinoplasty and recommends a specific plastic surgeon. If not, though, I've outlined some …

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Facelift surgeon in Chicago discusses working out after surgery.

3 Differences for Rhinoplasty in Men Versus Women

Overall, it may not surprise you to learn that men seeking rhinoplasty at my Chicago practice are looking for results similar to what women want. Everyone wants a nose that's proportional to the rest of their facial features and blends in harmoniously. It's not quite that simple, though. The "ideal" male nose has some very specific differences …

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What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Recovery (and How to Prepare)

Through extensive research and experience, I've been able to develop techniques that reduce patients' downtime after rhinoplasty at my practice in Chicago, and help them heal as quickly as possible. Still, recovery after this surgery can be temporarily uncomfortable, as is expected with nearly any surgical procedure. Patients can expect to feel tired and sore …

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Dr. Mustoe, a rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago, discusses the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty procedures.

Why I Prefer to Perform Open Rhinoplasty Procedures

Patients interested in rhinoplasty in Chicago may have come across the terms "open" and "closed" when reading about the procedure. Even though the choice of a rhinoplasty technique depends mostly on the patients' goals and the surgeon's preference, I prefer performing open rhinoplasties on most of my patients. I'll explain why in this blog post. What …

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Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe shares important considerations before rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago.

Important Considerations Before Rhinoplasty

If you've ever considered facial plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, you'll know that the idea of changing your features can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. In order to approach the surgery with confidence rather than anxiety, you should do some extensive and thoughtful research beforehand. I find that my rhinoplasty patients here in …

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Chicago rhinoplasty surgeon shares tips for managing seasonal allergies during your recovery.

‘Tis the Season: Managing Allergies After Rhinoplasty

'Tis the season for spring flowers, green grass, and warm, beautiful weather! However, along with spring, unfortunately, comes allergy season. Runny noses, sneezing, and watery eyes are commonplace this time of year, and while they are usually merely annoying, they can be especially troublesome for rhinoplasty patients in Chicago. If you're considering rhinoplasty surgery before …

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rhinoplasty chicago

Your Rhinoplasty Preparation Timeline

Getting a "nose job" is something many of the rhinoplasty patients at my Chicago practice have thought about for years, starting when they were teenagers. If you count yourself among those considering rhinoplasty or you have just made the decision to get surgery, this blog post can serve as a guide to get you on …

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Ask the Surgeon: 5 Rhinoplasty Questions Answered

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed year after year is rhinoplasty. In Chicago, I consult with hundreds of patients each year who are interested in reshaping their noses. Many of the men and women who want a "nose job" require only slight alterations to get the results they desire. Because the procedure …

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