A Surgeon’s Experience & Your Breast Augmentation

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If a woman is looking for a plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation in a large city such as Chicago, the choices can seem overwhelming. So what would someone who is starting a search look for when choosing a plastic surgeon?

A recent study published in the January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, looked at that specific question, and the results make a lot of sense. Personal referrals and a surgeon’s experience are the most influential factors when patients ultimately decide on a surgeon.

Of course, a friend or family member’s recommendation is going to carry a lot of weight, especially for highly personal procedures such as breast augmentation. That patients also focus on a surgeon’s experience indicates they are looking for a doctor they can trust to consistently provide long-lasting, beautiful results for a wide range of patients.

Although personal referral and experience are the most influential factors, according to the study, I urge people considering breast enhancement surgery or other cosmetic procedures to also check a surgeon’s qualifications to make sure he or she is board certified and to make a decision after having a private consultation. It’s important to feel comfortable with the surgeon and the staff when undergoing plastic surgery.

If you’ve contacted a plastic surgeon or had a procedure done, what motivated you to choose that physician? Leave your answer in a comment below.

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