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How Long Do Facelift Results Last?

A facelift procedure for Chicago patients is an investment in yourself — in confidence, in your appearance, and often more intangible improvements to your quality of life. Patients want results to be as effective, natural-looking, and long-lasting as possible. That's why one of the first questions many of them ask is, "How long will my …

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Before Your Facelift Surgery, Consider This

As a facelift surgeon in Chicago, I like to talk about the details of procedures and intricacies of plastic surgery. However, I believe it's also important to consider the emotional side of the plastic surgery process, both before and after your treatment. The emotional side of things can sneak up on you, no matter how …

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What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Recovery (and How to Prepare)

Through extensive research and experience, I've been able to develop techniques that reduce patients' downtime after rhinoplasty at my practice in Chicago, and help them heal as quickly as possible. Still, recovery after this surgery can be temporarily uncomfortable, as is expected with nearly any surgical procedure. Patients can expect to feel tired and sore …

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After Baby: Combining Facial & Body Treatments

If you visit a playground, you'll see them everywhere: slender women with smooth contours and great skin, each with two or three kids in tow. Looking tired and unsatisfied with your body after pregnancy has become a thing of the past. With treatments for the face (including minimally invasive PrecisionTx™ laser for skin tightening, fat removal …

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Dr. Mustoe, a rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago, discusses the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty procedures.

Why I Prefer to Perform Open Rhinoplasty Procedures

Patients interested in rhinoplasty in Chicago may have come across the terms "open" and "closed" when reading about the procedure. Even though the choice of a rhinoplasty technique depends mostly on the patients' goals and the surgeon's preference, I prefer performing open rhinoplasties on most of my patients. I'll explain why in this blog post. What …

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Plastic surgery is not required for this year’s award season trends.

The Difference Between a Full and Mini Facelift

No one is immune to the effects of gravity, time, and the elements. As we age, these effects result in volume loss, lines, and sagging skin, particularly on the face and neck. While a facelift is the gold standard for restoring a more refreshed, relaxed appearance, some patients might be best served by a mini …

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Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe shares how he customizes breast augmentation procedures in Chicago.

4 Ways I Customize Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Making the decision to undergo a breast augmentation is deeply personal, and your results should be equally personal and unique. At my practice in Chicago, I use advanced surgical techniques and breast implant options that make it is easier than ever to ensure each patient's results are customized to her needs. There are a few …

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Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe shares important considerations before rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago.

Important Considerations Before Rhinoplasty

If you've ever considered facial plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, you'll know that the idea of changing your features can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. In order to approach the surgery with confidence rather than anxiety, you should do some extensive and thoughtful research beforehand. I find that rhinoplasty patients at my plastic …

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Dr. Mustoe, a breast augmentation surgeon in Chicago, shares a timeline for recovery workouts.

A Fit Woman’s Guide to Breast Augmentation Recovery

My breast augmentation patients in Chicago each have their own motivations, but many of them seem to have a few characteristics in common: interest in a healthy lifestyle, a commitment to a balanced diet, and a passion for exercise. Often, breast augmentation can be the finishing touch on the toned, contoured physiques that my patients …

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Chicago rhinoplasty surgeon shares tips for managing seasonal allergies during your recovery.

‘Tis the Season: Managing Allergies After Rhinoplasty

'Tis the season for spring flowers, green grass, and warm, beautiful weather! However, along with spring, unfortunately, comes allergy season. Runny noses, sneezing, and watery eyes are commonplace this time of year, and while they are usually merely annoying, they can be especially troublesome for rhinoplasty patients in Chicago. If you're considering rhinoplasty surgery before …

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