Plastic Surgery Practice in Chicago Launches New Web Site

TLKM Plastic Surgery

World-renowned plastic surgeon and plastic surgery educator Dr. Thomas Mustoe launches a newly designed Web site for his plastic surgery practice.

Chicago, Illinois (January 2011) – Board-certified plastic surgeon and international plastic surgery authority Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe has recently launched a newly designed Web site. Women and men searching for information about plastic surgery in Chicago can visit Dr. Mustoe’s new site for an informative and engaging experience. As one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons and plastic surgery educators, meeting patients’ needs is his top priority. The thoughtfully designed Web site helps him to connect with patients and offer them exclusive information about his practice and the procedures he offers.

Dr. Mustoe states, “For my new Web site, I wanted something that connected to potential and current patients.” He continues, “I wanted the site to feature easy-to-navigate tabs so that they could find the information they wanted in a user-friendly manner.”

Dr. Mustoe is one of the nation’s top surgeons not only in terms of his experience in the field, but also his role as a plastic surgery educator. Despite his success as a top plastic surgeon, he still takes the time to personally connect with his patients. Prior to the new site, his only Web presence was on the Web site of Northwestern Plastic Surgery– the plastic surgery group to which he belongs. The new site features information on Dr. Mustoe exclusively in order to give a more personal Web experience to readers.

“On my newly launched site, if patients are interested in a facelift in Chicago, or another cosmetic procedure, they can come to my site and learn about the procedure itself and how I make it unique,” explains Dr. Mustoe. “I want to let patients know about the differences in the way I do things. These differences are particularly important when considering surgical results, recovery time and comfort, which I have improved upon significantly.”

For example, many of his Chicago rhinoplasty patients appreciate that Dr. Mustoe offers a shortened recovery time for most nose surgeries due to his innovative techniques. His site enables visitors to quickly identify why he is uniquely qualified to perform their plastic surgery by highlighting this information in a prominent feature block.

Dr. Mustoe states, “I am very excited about the launch of my Web site and hope that my patients enjoy it as much as I do. For those interested in surgical and non-surgical procedures, I offer a complete range of options. In addition to keeping my established patients updated with my practice, I hope to help new patients achieve their cosmetic goals.”

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