Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mustoe Named to RealSelf 100 List

TLKM Plastic Surgery

Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe, a plastic surgery specialist in Chicago, has earned a spot on the prestigious list honoring doctors who help patients nationwide online.

Chicago, Illinois (May 2015) — Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe (, who has a long-standing plastic surgery practice in Chicago, is among 100 elite board-certified plastic surgeons named to the RealSelf 100 list, an honor reflecting his commitment to helping patients nationwide by answering their questions on the popular RealSelf website.

“RealSelf is an extremely valuable resource for women and men seeking insight from cosmetic specialists,” Dr. Mustoe says. “It’s such an excellent tool for patients, and it’s an honor to be recognized as one of their 100 most influential members.”

One of the leading plastic surgeons in Chicago, Dr. Mustoe is recognized internationally for his expertise. A cum laude graduate of Harvard Medical School, he served 20 years as chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University School of Medicine and is noted for his extensive research. Much of that research focuses on wound healing, and Dr. Mustoe holds several patents related to that area of care.

On the RealSelf forum, Dr. Mustoe and other surgeons who specialize in cosmetic medicine connect with patients looking for advice that helps them make informed decisions about the procedures they are considering.

“In 2014, this group of doctors collectively spent more than 3,300 hours — or 140 days — posting answers and sharing expert insights with the RealSelf community,” says Tom Seery, founder and CEO of RealSelf. “For all 100 of these doctors, time is extremely valuable, yet they all make a commitment to engaging online consumers in order to build trust and help people make better decisions about potential changes to their body, face and smile.”

Dr. Mustoe says he dedicates his time to helping patients who ask questions on the website because he wants all individuals who are considering cosmetic enhancement to have access to the expertise he and others can offer.

“I’ve devoted much of my career to education, and I know that it benefits the plastic surgery field as a whole when patients have sound, accurate information about cosmetic procedures,” Dr. Mustoe says.

One of the most popular topics on RealSelf, both for users and for Dr. Mustoe, is rhinoplasty. The Chicago plastic surgeon has posted more than 100 answers on that subject alone.

Market research shows 1 in 5 women in the U.S. plans to pursue a cosmetic procedure, and half of them conduct online research for more than a year.

By actively participating as a member of the online forum, Dr. Mustoe says, he helps patients become more confident when they are choosing a plastic surgeon or other aesthetic specialist.

“That’s important, because no matter the procedure, the most vital decision a patient makes is which specialist they choose to perform that procedure.”

If you’re considering cosmetic enhancement, request a consultation online to meet personally with Dr. Mustoe, or call our office at (312) 788-2560 to schedule an appointment.