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Face Lift

Case 6

This woman wanted to undergo a facelift. She came to Dr. Mustoe for a consultation in our Chicago office, during which she expressed her concerns and aesthetic goals. You can see the result of Dr. Mustoe's work in the patient's "after" photos. She looks more youthful, with a subtle tightening of the facial tissue.

Case 41

This woman wanted a facelift. Dr. Mustoe met with the patient in our Chicago office and performed the procedure after getting a sense for her aesthetic goals.

Case 170

Case 16

This patient came in for a facelift consultation at our Chicago office. Dr. Mustoe discussed her goals and desired outcome. In the "after" photos, you can see that Dr. Mustoe was able to subtly lift the sagging tissue to create a natural-looking, youthful result.

Case 155

Case 196

Case 23

This woman came in for a consultation with Dr. Mustoe, who ultimately performed a facelift in our Chicago office to lift and tighten sagging tissue in her face.

Case 111

This woman's facelift with Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Mustoe corrected her wrinkles and skin laxity, creating a much younger appearance as seen in the "after" photos. 

Case 77

Case 70

This woman had a facelift in Chicago with Dr. Thomas Mustoe. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Mustoe specializes in facial plastic surgery for women and men.

Case 19

This patient wanted a facelift in our Chicago office. Dr. Mustoe performed her procedure, smoothing out skin laxity in the face and neck.

Case 438

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